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     Gu Embroidery was named "painting embroidery". It was created by womenflok of Gu's family in later Ming Dynasty in Shanghai Songjiang. It has been a history of more than four hundred years. 

     They had versed literacy and exquisite embroidery art in that time. They were leaded and soaked by the mainstream painting thoughts, absorbing the painting styles and principles of the leterati paintings. They used the needles as the soft brus and employed the silk as pigment, used their adept embroidery art to copy and redefine the artistic ideorealm of the famous painting. It developed the needlework just for general use in ancient times to the painting embroidery for pure appreciation and was well known for the extolled praise from the literati painting circle headed by Qichang Dong. 

     Gu Embroidery is the only embroidery branch by a clan's name, started the convention that an ecbroidery branch would be named by its region. It achieved the head position among the several embroidery branches. It was the symbol of Chinese feminism culture.